Completely Legit Ways to Avoid Scene-Writing


Re-writing TNOUL has been a pain in the ass. Mostly because I zoomed through NaNoWriMo on an adrenaline-fueled tangent that did wonderful things for helping me find out who my characters were, but very little to do with the story I actually wanted to tell, in terms of plot.

(At least, this is what I’m telling myself, so that I don’t just see the entire month as a wash.)

So going back to do the re-writes has been hard, because one of the biggest things I’ve realized is that while I kick ass at world-building, I’m a bit pants at society-building, if you can appreciate that distinction. Yeah, it’s all well and good to say that in this particular city there is a certain minority who really gets the short end of the stick—but it’s another to really sit down and figure all that stuff out so that I can do that lame-ass show-don’t-tell thing.


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