If y’all don’t think having Election Day on a random ass Tuesday that isn’t even considered special by anyone’s job or school so you have to take your own time off to vote isn’t a way they disenfranchise certain groups of people, you crazy.

It especially disenfranchises the poor, people who can’t afford to just take off work, and the youth, people who can’t afford to miss school or work. It’s a plus that they’re making it harder to vote absentee now.

I’m commenting not to attack the validity of the above complaints, but to hopefully arm some individuals with knowledge to assist them in their quest to vote. Most states have laws that protect voting leave. Certainly, it can be, depending on the circumstances, difficult to ask your employer for that legally entitled leave. And, unfortunately, the existence of such a law doesn’t eliminate the possibility that your employer is an ass who will deny your legal rights. Hopefully, this information will help those who have somewhat reasonable employers who will listen when a statute is waved in front of them and/or litigation is threatened.

The exact specifics of voting leave and how it is calculated varies depending on the state in which you live. For example, in Texas, the law entitles employees paid leave to go vote, as long as the polls are not open for two consecutive hours outside of an employee’s work hours.

If you would like information on your state’s voting leave laws, here are some links for state charts on the matter:

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM):

HR Specialist:

I would also recommend googling your state’s voting leave laws specifically to make sure you know what the most recent version of the law is.


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