Hi Justina, I’ve spent a lot of time agonizing over how to write diversely/inclusively without totally fucking up, and I’ve arrived at the decision to (for now, until I have more time for research) write POC as supporting characters instead of main characters, respectfully fleshing them out with my own relationships, interactive experiences and observations (not hard, being from San Diego, which is less than 50% white). I’m wondering what you think of this approach. Thanks, @KatherineMemmel


I think this is a great approach. Look, I’m a big fan of people doing their research and TRYING. And most importantly, owning their mistake when they get it wrong. But this applies to any story, not just those with POC. If you write a gay character and get it wrong, own it, do better. Don’t get defensive, listen, and do better. That’s really all we can do in this life.


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