Nightmares of NaNos Past and Present

Oh. My. Gosh.

So, I was finishing the draft for chapter 27, and it hit me: I’m… I’m almost done with The Nightmares of Under-London.


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A Little Insight on Fey Nomenclature and Social Etiquette

Or: In Which Pru Geeks Out Way Too Hard And Rambles Much, Much More than OP Probably Intended

An excellent question got raised a few days ago on the Under-London patreon, one which I thought could use a little explanation, if people are as interested in this sort of silliness the way I am.

Specifically, patreon user Andy asked this as of chapter 18

I’m wondering if Eden’s birth name is ever going to be revealed. Given the importance of names in this world, it seems like a fair question, but her birth name isn’t really who she is anymore, so I don’t even know if it would play into the Naming.

It’s a cool bit of speculation, and I’m going to assume he means her birth name ever being revealed to Ransley, since we as the audience learned it in Caroline’s story.

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Beautiful Coincidences

So back in September 2012, I sat down at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table to start figuring out the super-hairy, nitty-gritty details about the world in which Eden lives before she gets drawn into Under-London. Through a whole maze of choices and a crap-ton of wandering about on the street-view on Google Maps, I wound up placing her in South London, just a bit away from the Peckham-Rye station.

While looking for pictures of Peckham to start building it in my mind’s eye (because, lbrh, I’m too broke to go there myself), I stumbled across a really neat street art piece (above) featuring a raven (well, a black bird of some sort, at least).

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