The Nightmares of Under-London, chapter 3 & 4

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The Nightmares of Under-London, chapter 3 & 4



This is it.

I’ve launched a Patreon.

I’ve been a writer since I could hold a crayon in a kindergarten death-grip. Now I find myself drawing a deep breath, toeing up to the edge, and stepping off the stage–and praying there will be hands and hearts below to hold me aloft.

(I couldn’t find a good crowdsurfing-from-the-writer’s-desk sort of analogy, work with me here. :D)

I write a little bit of everything–I’ve won contests for poetry and short stories, written two original novels, and have toiled in the trenches of fandom for years now. With your faith and support, I can continue to do all these things and more.

Pledges start as low as a dollar and there are a whole slew of perks, like receiving signed physical copies and the warm-fuzzy knowledge that you’re helping me to live my dream. ❤ ❤

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