Fun Times with Mental Illness



Generally I make no secret about my stance on mental health issues and the role it plays in my own life. I am bipolar ii; I don’t have it, I have not been diagnosed with it. It is who I am, as intrinsic to my makeup as being a writer or a redhead or a liberal. There is no separating it from me.

And, just like writing, gingerness, and liberal justice, I have to remember how to function in a world not necessarily suited to that. I have to learn what flaws I have, created by these facts, and work on improving them or at least finding ways around them to still be functional.

(Let’s be real. There’s no improving red hair. It’s already the best there is. #ScienceFact.)
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“After interviewing some 8,000 people in Atlanta, Emory University professor of psychiatry Dr. Kerry Ressler and his colleagues say that they are seeing evidence of higher rates of PTSD in this urban population than in war veterans.”

“We are seeing the same (high instances of PTSD) in cities like D.C. and Chicago”

“This wide range of trauma experience meant that 32% of this population suffered PTSD symptoms.”

i’ve read studies that put it as high as 54% of black teenage boys in particular