Nightmares of NaNos Past and Present

Oh. My. Gosh.

So, I was finishing the draft for chapter 27, and it hit me: I’m… I’m almost done with The Nightmares of Under-London.


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A Little Insight on Fey Nomenclature and Social Etiquette

Or: In Which Pru Geeks Out Way Too Hard And Rambles Much, Much More than OP Probably Intended

An excellent question got raised a few days ago on the Under-London patreon, one which I thought could use a little explanation, if people are as interested in this sort of silliness the way I am.

Specifically, patreon user Andy asked this as of chapter 18

I’m wondering if Eden’s birth name is ever going to be revealed. Given the importance of names in this world, it seems like a fair question, but her birth name isn’t really who she is anymore, so I don’t even know if it would play into the Naming.

It’s a cool bit of speculation, and I’m going to assume he means her birth name ever being revealed to Ransley, since we as the audience learned it in Caroline’s story.

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Rogue writing for the indie-pub inclined!

If you’re into supernatural creatures, folklore, dirty metropolitan centres, queer characters, odd characters, and just plain weird characters, come give us a try.

The latest chapter is up!

As ever, you can hop over and read ANYTHING you like–if you feel compelled to pledge that’s awesome, but think of it as a “pay what you want for the art you enjoy.”

A Personal Note & The Nightmares of Under-London, chapter 5

Good lord, this week has been hard. My heart’s going out to all of you nerds out there who have lost an icon in the past two weeks. I know I’ve been crushed by one in particular. It’s made it incredibly difficult to focus this week, to buckle down and weave together next week’s chapter. I know I’ll be leaning even more heavily on the might of my crit partners for a bit.

Anyhow, on a more positive note, I present the latest chapter of TNOUL, from my mind to your screen. I hope you enjoy, and if the spirit moves you, pass it along to your friends.If you need me, I’ll be hunched over my laptop, busting out my brains for the words. All I ask is that you keep your ‘lectric eyes on me, babes.

A Personal Note & The Nightmares of Under-London, chapter 5


Eighteen-year-old Eden discovers her mother has lied to her for as long as she’s been alive: her father is not dead. He’s alive, and somewhere in London. The main problem? Not only is her father not dead, he’s also not human.

Eden is swept into Under-London, a dark and dazzling city lurking just below London’s surface. Her loyalties stretch thin between her mother and father, and she’s drawn into a deadly political game that leads her on a desperate search for Under-London’s missing king. If she and the king’s nephew, Ransley, can’t find him in time, Topside London pays the price.

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